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Hello Fish Fans, The Sailfishing off the coast of Stuart, Florida continues to be excellent on most days but I think they take the day off every now and then just to remind us why they call it fishin’ instead of catchin’. Were catchin’ 3 or 4 Sailfish on almost every trip so it’s hard to get excited when we only catch 1 or 2 but anytime you catch a couple it’s a good day. I expect to cach 3 to 5 this time of year and I’m always hoping for 7 to 10 but sometimes you’re just not gonna catch more than 1 or 2.  Today was the kind of day that reminds me why I love my job. Bob is 72 years young and always dreamed about catchin a Sailfish. He’s watched all the fishing shows and finally got to give it a shot. I don’t think you could have knocked that smile off his face with a baseball bat after the first one, but after he caught a double header I was almost as giddy as he was. He ended up catchin 4 outta 6 and pissed himself, just kidding but he was reel happy.  It’s always a pleasure making dreams come true and I wish every trip could be picture perfect.  Threadfin Herring and Spanish Sardines have started coming through by the acre and packs of Sailfish are moving in to tear’em up.  The Sailfishing should continue to be excellent and the Dolphin fishing will improve over the next few weeks. Cobia are starting to show up around the wrecks and we pulled the hooks on one today that was about 40 pounds. The Giant Manta Rays will start showing up with packs of Cobia under them over the next couple of weeks and I’ll keep you posted. I’ll be back next week with another fishing report from Stuart Floridda, Sailfish Capital of the World. Catch you later, Capt. Wayne, Reel Busy Charters

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