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Hello Fish Fans, The fishing over the last week or so has been dissapointing but it’s no surprize. The full moon almost always slows the Dolphin fishin down to a crawl for a few days but when you add the west winds of an April cool front to the mix you’re gonna need to get lucky. We had a nice catch of Dolphin on every trip except a 1/2 day trip on the 21st, I guess the fish have to win every now and then to keep them interested in playin the game. The full moon has passed and the Dolphin fishing will be excellent over the next few weeks. May & June is the best time to catch Big Dolphin in the 40 to 50 pound range so give us a call and let’s go catch’em. The full moons will be May 19th and June 18/you can expect the Dolphin fishin to slow down for 3 to 5 days on either side of the full moons. The full moons aren’t all bad however, the full moons of May, June and July are Prime Time for Blue Marlin fishing. The axis of the Gulfstream is teaming with Blue Marlin feeding on schooley Dolphin this time of year and they get very aggressive arround the full moons. The axis of the Gulfstream is located about 25 miles off the coast of Stuart and the Reel Busy is the only charter boat that visits these waters on a regular basis, that’s probably why we catch more Blue Marlin than the others. The Cobia have arrived late this year but there’s plenty of them arround right now and there’s been several caught between 40 and 50 pounds over the last week or two. Sailfishing is on the slow side but there’s a few being caught on a daily basis. Take your pick,Dolphin,Sailfish,Blue Marlin,Cobia,Tuna,Swordfish and Wahoo are all possible targets this time of year so give us a call and let’s go catch’em. I’ll be back in 7 to 10 days with another fishing report from Stuart Florida, Sailfish Capital of the World. Catch you later, Capt. Wayne, Reel Busy Charters 772-288-1332 home or 305-304-9049 cell

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