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Hello Fish Fans,  The Sailfishing off the coast of Stuart, Florida slowed to a crawl this past week but the Dolphin fishing remains good to excellent. The 12 to 15 foot swells that pushed through late last week mixed up the water and pushed the Gulfstream out from 6 miles offshore to 13 miles offshore. The Sailfish seemed to be scattered around and not feeding like they were the weeek before. They were in the travel mode freejumping and putting on a show but had little interest in feeding. The fish are here and moving through so I’d expect to see them turn on again this week. The Dolphin fishing was good to excellent this past week but they were out about 15 miles in 700 to 800 feet of water. I only had one day booked this week so on Tuesday I went out by myself in search of Dolphin/ Wahoo. The water 6 to 8 miles offshore was all clouded up so I ended up on a weedline 15 miles out in 800 feet of water. The weedline was a bit broken up by the chop but caught 2 Wahoo and about 15 Dolphin before the day turned into another day I’ll never forget. I was dragging a planner for Wahoo and while bringing in a Dolphin and another Dolphin ate the spoon on the planner. I boated the first Dolphin and wound up the planner, set it next to me and started handlining the next 40 to 50 feet of line to the Dolphin & Spoon. I got the Dolphin about 30 feet from the boat when out of the blue a big black shadow flashed below. It was about a 250 lb Blue Marlin and he was determined to eat my Dolphin. The Dolphin started tailwalking towards the boat and the Blue Marlin crashed him but missed about 20 feet from the boat. He missed again and the third time he came 6 feet out of the water and exploded on the Dolphin about 15 feet from the boat. All I could think about was the old man and the sea and handlining a 250 pound Blue Marlin is not for me so I got the line and planner out of the boat as quick as I could and picked up the rod. The line started screamin’ off the reel and decided to tighten the drag and break him off so I wouldn’t have to deal with a Blue Marlin on a planner with a 50 foot leader. There’s alot of Blue Marlin off the coast of Stuart Florida and it’s always the same when you hookem’ or catch’em, TOTALLY AWESOME. The fishing off the coast of Stuart Florida will remain good to excellent and we’ll be catching Sailfish, Dolphin, Kingfish and Wahoo so give us a call and get hooked-up. I’ll be back next week with another fishing report from Stuart Florida, Sailfish Capital of the World. Catch you later, Capt. Wayne, Reel Busy Charters cell 305-304-9049 or 772-288-1332 home

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